Federica, Patrizia, Marta, flower designers, three women, one family, many flowers

Our hands are always in motion... we caress, play with petals, corollas, leaves, stems... we listen to dreams and desires, and with our hands, we bring them to life: from the bride's bouquet to floral decorations for ceremonies, parties, and events.

Style, character, elegance, technique, color

A point of reference for those seeking something different

Our garden has grown over the years, fueled by a passion for plants and flowers and everything related to this world. Over the years, we have taken specialized courses in floristry and floral design, focusing on all types of arrangements, especially for major events, fresh and dried flower compositions, packaging, and visual merchandising.

Flowers and Tradition in Tuscany

Where the beauty of flowers meets the flavor of aglione

In the greenhouse of our farm, where once only vegetables thrived, you'll now find a captivating showroom. Here, amid lush flower beds, you'll discover not only the freshness of our floral products but also the artistic touch that makes them special. On our farm's lands, the ancient tradition continues. We cultivate the Aglione of Valdichiana with unwavering dedication, using strictly natural methods. This connection to tradition allows us to offer products of the highest quality, authentic and unique, just like our land.

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